Priori Replenishing Masque

Looking relief from dry, dehydrated skin? Maybe those fine lines on the skin are making an appearance? Priori Replenishing Masque will instantly moisturize your skin and helps replenish the skin’s barrier function while revitalizing the skin for a smoother more supple complexion. A blend of moisturizing ingredients reduces the appearance of the signs of aging and deeply hydrates as vitamin antioxidants A, C and E and Pro-A help to revitalize the skin and fight environmental damage. Perfect for fighting the winter blues

Mai Tai + be bold Microdermabrasion

Mai Tai + be bold Microdermabrasion

Infuse the skin with moisture packed ingredients that penetrate deep to reveal plump, dewy, fresh skin. While winter brings great joys like warm bathes, cosy nights by the fire and star white snow, it also brings cold air, colds and flus, and dry or dehydrated skin. Beat the winter blues with a Mai Tai treatment, designed to rehydrate the skin deep down, relieving skin from itching and tightness. Pairing with Microdermabrasion will allow the dead skin cells to be removed, allowing plump hydrated skin cells to the surface and reenforcing the skin’s lipid barrier

Vantini - Signature Treatment

Vantini + Be Bright Illuminating

our signature target treatment. resurface, smooth, and brighten skin.
Our deepest exfoliation treatment to remove and lift away dead cells that can clog pores, helps even skin tone and smoothes signs of aging. All while infusing a mix of vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts to target any skin concern. A perfect pairing with this treatment is our be bright Illuminating Treatment, packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and peptides, to help skin prevent aging skin and hyperpigmentation (sun damage and acne scarring)

Men’s Skin Fitness

Men may like the idea of being tough and macho, but their skin doesn’t like it and doesn’t benefit from it. Because of this “tough” image men like to uphold, they continue to make classic mistakes with their skin:
• Use bath-soap in bar form—often a perfumey, deodorant soap—to wash the face
• Shave against the grain (causes inflammation and even ingrown hairs—ouch!)
• Slap on alcohol-based aftershaves and colognes which photosensitize the skin
• Underestimate the powers of the sun, and don’t use sufficient UV protection
• Don’t adequately exfoliate or moisturize their skin
The results aren’t pretty. Well, OK, they aren’t supposed to be pretty, exactly. What you end up with is dehydrated, irritation or razor burn and breakouts.

For healthy, manly skin, some simple key steps are needed:
• Acid-balanced cleanser to dissolve and remove impurities without upsetting skin pH; a beard-lifting lather with mild exfoliant, to ensure a close, smooth shave and reduce risk of ingrown hairs; and a soothing botanical balm after the daily blade.
• Real men always carry protection: respectfully shield the skin from damaging UV rays

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